Pencil Art by Peter Philip Berg 
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Bio of Artist Peter Philip Berg

Peter Philip Berg is a life-long self-taught pencil artist. He has resided in Vancouver, Canada; Schoohoven, Netherlands; London, England; Fortaleza, Brazil; and Key West, Florida (his favorite). Having first picked up a drawing tool early in childhood, he's been at it ever since, working mostly outdoors (which is why he prefers the tropics). Some of his scenic portrayals have come from long-distance cycling trips through Europe and the Canadian Rockies.

Inspirations include the early Beatles for perserverance, belief in their own work, and being open to personal growth artistically and spiritually; and Chris Gardner for his word of passion about knowing where he was meant to be, regardless of "place-ism".


Artistic influences include primarily the French Impressionists of the late 19th century, and many other artists he has worked with in recent years. Peter's images are not so much about the subject matter, but rather the relationship between light and dark tones, as well as the spontaneity of movement caught in a moment.

Although his individual works are not large in size, close examination of each drawing will reveal many weeks of meticulous work and detail. His entire body of artwork, spanning some 50 years of study, includes portraiture, still life, classic cars, street scenes, architectural renderings, and more. His collectors have come from all walks of life, from the scholarly to the famous to the notorious, and people who just want a great souvenir of the area in which they happened to meet Peter.